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December 2017 ACCA exam feedback

07 December 2017

What did sitters think of the December sitting. Here’s our feedback for the first 3 days…

Day One
ACCA candidates sitting the December P7 exam described it as ‘horrible’, ‘vexing’, and ‘brutal’. You can then throw in some time pressure to create a very ‘intimidating test’. Students struggled with the sheer number of risks they had to sort in Q1. “There definitely seemed more than the marks allocated,” said one sitter. The worry for many was they felt they were just repeating themselves. Q2 seemed to be the problem question this time around. “I have never seen a question like it,” said a PQ. Another just said: “What the f**k was that!” The question on quality control review was just not like anything in the study texts, said a disappointed student.

By contrast it was pretty quite on the F8 front. The general consensus is that the exam seemed ‘OK’, and much better than some recent sittings. A question that did cause a few eyebrows was the one about substantive procedures.

Day Two
The F7 was described as ‘tricky’ and ‘hard’. But, that wasn’t the case for everyone. Some called the exam ‘fair enough’ and ‘easy’. For many the MCQs feel like the examiner is just trying to trip them up.

P2 also got a mixed response, but for many it was ‘not bad at all’. The consolidation question was easier than most (if not all) of the past papers I have sat, explained one PQ.
Another said: “P2 was less scary than I was expecting, still time pressured though!”

Day Three
F5’s section A was 80% calculations, explained one sitter. Section B was more structured. The real problem though was the two power cuts! Not good for CBEs…Another PQ said that the MCQs seemed fair. Q31 threw a few of you.
Many UK students were desperate to pass, as they didn’t want to sit the CBE exam.

P1 was hugely time pressured, and one student admitted to being ‘knackered’ after it finished. Q1 on risk was deemed to be quite nice. Interestingly one student said they found the exam ‘super dry and boring’, with the exception of Q2. So come on Mr examiner let’s try to make it more interesting please. There also seemed to be a bit of confusion about what the examiner meant by ‘briefing’.

P5 was ‘a tough exam today with the business scorecard the main question, we were told.
Students admitted getting bogged down in questions and many ran out of time. “Time is never enough,” said one PQ. It’s the perennial problem. Students just think the paper is too long. The questions were on CSF, KPI, not-for-profit, budget constraint and balanced scorecard.

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