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Day 5 of the ACCA March exams

11 March 2019

Friday’s feedback


Generally felt to be OK. Quite a few sitters admitted to finishing well within the time limit this time around. The tricky questions were on market value of convertible bonds (section A) and asset valuation (section B). Then section C was full of tricks!


Disaster, or an absolute disaster for many on the notice boards – take your pick…

One PQ said: “Q1 was lengthy and confusing.” In fact ‘confusing’ came up quite a lot.

Time is another enemy. “A very very hard exam, I need an extra hour at least to do the exam justice,” a sitter told us. There appears to be a growing call to get the reading time back too. “ACCA please give us an extra 15 minutes. It would stop the instant panic with your overly long questions.”

Another student was shocked by Q1 and Q3 – “I have not seen anything like Q1 and Q3 in any practice kits.

One of PQ magazine expert tutors, Sunil Bhandari, reminded AFM sitters to attempt the exam in his recommended order of “Q2, Q3 and Q1”. He also told us the theory parts of the paper this time around were ‘relatively easy’.

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