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Day 2 feedback from ACCA March exams

06 March 2019

How was it for sitters of TX, ATX and SBL?


Apparently the March exam wasn’t hard if you practiced enough mocks and past papers.

‘OK’ and ‘fair’ was mentioned by many. Section A even came in for some praise: “No mumbo jumbo, very clear cut questions.”

There was lots on IHT and looking into the expense of a tombstone too. One PQ felt if you had given yourself 3 months and don’t rush then this exam is a steal. Another said: “You really need to know your stuff in every area – no hiding or hoping something won’t come up!”

A non-UK citizen found it tougher, as UK tax laws are ‘hard to grasp’.

Quite a few PQs revealed that they are starting the exam with section C to help them maximise their marks there.


Time pressure came to the fore in the March sitting for many. ‘Nasty’, ‘horrible’, and ‘a badboy’ is how PQs described ATX this time around. Several students admitted they didn’t manage to complete the exam, and where upset because they had put so much time into their study.


‘Exhausting’ is how one PQ describe the March SBL exam. Another just said ‘wow’!

Then there was the student who just felt: “This was a suicide mission, a lot of questions and less time to think and answer.”

Students were worried that they didn’t spend long enough reading, planning or even thinking! As one said: “I feel like there was so much to do in this exam …I was writing continually for pretty much all the time.”

One candidate left the exam confused. “Everyone says that it’s common sense, but I don’t find it that way.” Another tweeted us: “SBL was a fair paper. Very doable. Hoping for the best.”

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