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College visit: AVADO

PQ magazine went to Hammersmith to discover how three of Avado’s ACCA studiers are finding the online world of accountancy training

February 2017

Avado may be a relatively new name in ACCA training, but as Home Learning College it enjoyed many successful years as an AAT online provider. In fact, last year it won the ‘Best use of e-learning’ category at the AAT awards.
As well as designing and building the first fully online digital programme, AVADO is unique in that it is creating its online courses as its students progress through their studies. So AVADO now offers F1 to F5, and F6 will soon be available. Built from scratch, it means it can work with PQs to provide them with exactly what they want. So, breaking with the virtual reality concept we got three of Avado’s students together (in person) to have a chat about their experiences.

Meet Joseph:
We first chatted to Joseph Aganna, who is now studying F5 online. He also studied F4 with AVADO and admits that he “kind of liked the criminal law aspects of F4”. In fact, he went as far as saying that “it got more interesting as we went on!”
Joseph started life as an AAT and completed an apprenticeship last April, working in a law practice as an accounting assistant. After finishing AAT he decided to go ‘accountancy hardcore’ and got a new job in September in St Albans, working for a small practice. They are training him up and he now feels so much more grounded in accountancy.
In becoming an accountant Joseph is following in his grandfather’s footsteps. He had always been good at maths, too, and just thought accountancy was the best way to earn some money! Interestingly, it was his mum that found him Avado. He was looking for flexibility and wanted to study in his own time and choose when he sat the exams. He loves the way the courses are scheduled and the fact you can take the practice test as many times as you like. He was also ‘blown away’ by how intuitive the online courses are.

Meet Rob:
Rob Welsh came all the way from Wolverhampton to speak to us. He is so impressed with AVADO that he wanted to help them out! Rob works for a security firm that supplies staff to schools, hospitals and building sites. He had only been there for three weeks when we chatted, but he soon discovered he had his work cut out as not a lot of accounting had been going on before his arrival. Before that he worked for an engineering firm in Norfolk, but no one there was called ‘Shaun the Dragon Slayer’. Yes, there really is a security operative called that at his new firm! Rob also liked maths at school and had 10 years of purchase ledger experience. But he needed a qualification, and when he looked online AVADO were the quickest to get back to him. But it was the guy that rang him back that swung it. Rob said: “AJ was down to earth and gave all the background. I also loved that the one price covered the whole course. I could also put that in front of my Norfolk bosses.” Rob also had a full-time job so needed a course that gave him flexibility and time, and online learning does that for him. He really likes the fact that AVADO readily requests students feedback and makes additional course content available if students ask for it.

Meet Ben:
Ben Maitland is perhaps not your typical ACCA PQ – he spent 18 years in the City as an investment analyst. He had studied for the CFA exams and thought he should do accountancy ones too, to see how they were, and admits they are more difficult than he thought! He can’t remember where he saw the advert for Avado, but when he talked to them he liked the positive interaction. He said: “It’s nothing like studying alone.” When students asked for revision guides in the revision phase we got them, he said, adding that they were “a big help”.
When it came to the F3 exam, Ben stressed that it was easy to get bogged down. Get to the end as quickly as you can, he advises, leaving what you can’t do, and then go back and finish!

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