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Classic way to succeed

One way of beating those stress blues while you are revising is to play a little bit of classical music.

July 2016

Scientists have proved that listening to it can make you more receptive to new information. So, maybe it is time to swap your Macklemore for Mozart and Beyonce for Bach.
Classic FM has put together 10 pieces of music it thinks will help you in your studies.
Top of the list is German Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel and his Canon in D. But don’t got for the piano version, you want the violins and basso continuo.
Quite a few movie scores also made the list, including James Horner’s ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and Philip Glass’s ‘The Hours’.
Classic FM’s Top Music for Studying & Revising
1) Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel
2) Academic Festival Overture – Johannes Brahms
3) Well-Tempered Clavier – Bach
4) A Beautiful Mind – James Horner
5) Piano Concerto No 23 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
6) Clair de Lune – Claude Debussy
7) Etudes – Frederivc Chopin
8) 30 Exercises for Harpsichord – Alessandro Scarlatti
9) The Hours – Philip Glass
10) I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi
11) Gymnopedie No1 – Erick Satie
12) The Draughtsman’s Contract – Michael Nyman
13) Goldberg Variations – Johann Sebastian Bach

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