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Study Zone

Sniff a Lemon

If you want exam success then it may be time to put down the highlighter, stop burning the midnight oil – and start sniffing lemons instead!

‘Going concern’ audit worry

Auditors need to show they have robustly challenged management’s assessment of going concern, say new proposals from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).

Goodbye FRC, hello ARGA

PQ editor Graham Hambly reports on major changes in UK regulation

Preparing you for an automated future

Stephen Flatman explains how the Institute is preparing its PQs for the workplace of the future

A solid foundation

James Taylor walks you through the Management case study exam, which focuses on a construction firm’s loss of sensitive customer data

Patisserie Valerie: a case for internal audit

BDO looks at the Patisserie Valerie fraud and the perils of neglecting independent assurance

Taking stock - by air

PwC has completed its first stock count audit using drone technology. Here's how...

Don’t reschedule if you want to pass

Thinking of rescheduling your CIMA OTs? Well, be careful

Value judgements

To touch or not to touch? That is the question that’s been troubling Richard Poole. Here he explains why...

IFRS 16 in action

Tesco explains how the new leasing standard will change some figures, but will ultimately have no economic impact on the business

Making a statement

In the second of his two-part article, Tom Clendon looks at how the revised framework measures assets and liabilities, and considers the role or the statement of other comprehensive income. This stuff you need to know

CIMA gives qualification digitally focused boost

Stephen Flatman explains the changes to the CIMA exams and outlines how they will affect you

CIMA blueprint for the future

The future is digital and CIMA is re-shaping its syllabus to ensure its PQs are future-proofed.


AS CIMA launches its 2019 syllabus we talk to Andrew Harding, chief executive of management accounting at the AICPA

P1 is hardest CIMA paper

The CIMA OT pass rates are in for the year (2018) and first-time rates range from 51% to 89%.

Frame the question

IN part one of a two-part series, Tom Clendon explains what the revised conceptual framework is and why it is important

How do you audit a robot?

AI is here to stay: what is vital is how organisations manage and control their 'robots', says Henry Irving

Solving your problems

PQ magazine's troubleshooter Philip Dunn explains how the balanced scorecard and target costing work

Audit Sector 'broken'

The Competition & Markets Authority has outlined how it wants the audit sector in the UK to change

Don't sit on the fence

CIMA PQs were told to stop sitting on the fence by the operational case study examiner.

Team players not wanted

Employers believe the accountant of the future will need greater data and analysis skills and become a business’s strategic thinkers, says a new AAT poll.

Don't be afraid of failure

James Taylor explains why if we are to succeed then we need to fail

International Standards for smaller firms

The IFRS Foundation has developed new resources for learners to help them understand the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for SME standards.

Is anyone out there?

Tony Frascina explains why collaborative working is so important, especially in the digital age

IFRS to the rescue

PQ recently visited the new home of the IFRS Foundation is Canary Wharf and discovered the wealth of great resources to be found on its website for the knowledge-hungry accountancy student

Exam-day strategy get you through the OTs

VIVA Financial Tuition’s Thomas Newman guides you through the challenge that is the OTs The Objective Test exams challenge CIMA students in a number of ways.

Future Finance

The recent London South Bank / PQ Magazine conference - entitled 'The Dark Side of Accounting' - included a number of fascinating sessions on the future of the profession. Here we focus on Peter Simons' presentation on digital technologies' impact on accountancy

Fall in strategic case pass rates

CIMA PQs may have to read up a bit more on the newspaper industry if the latest strategic case study results are anything to go by.

It takes two, says Paul

How many calculators do you take to the exam hall?

It's all in the mind

Andrew Mower offers some tricks of the trade that will help you to remember the stuff you need to remember

Safety in numbers

Corporate governance doesn’t just protect investors, it can save lives, says ICAEW Chief Executive Michael Izzy.

What makes a good online course?

What should you look for in an online training course? Mark Ingram explains all

Get pumped for GymFit

James Taylor has some top advice on how to score heavily in the Operational level case study


Adrian Davies continues his threepart series on trading losses. The final instalment will be in next month’s issue of PQ magazine

The rise of the CGMA designation

Andrew Harding explains how the institute is looking to ensure its PQs thrive in a fast-changing world

Your flexible friend?

Jackie Durham explains how to make the most of the flexibility of the CIMA assessments and has a few lessons learned from the May case study exams

Future perfect?

The Financial Reporting Council unveils the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code.

Embracing change

The world of accountancy training is rapidly changing – and you must exploit these changes to your advantage, says Alex Leach

Driving Ambition

You are in control of your CIMA journey, so take it at your own pace and enjoy the ride, says Jackie Durham

Reinventing finance for a digital world

Dr Noel Tagoe was the opening act of our recent careers conference. Here’s how he sees the future…

Getting your work/life balance

Jackie Durham explains how you can maintain a work, life and study balance to ensure successful outcomes all round

Smile for Montel!

James Taylor holds your hand and leads you through the latest CIMA case

Words + numbers = pass

Alex Wakeham has some advice for business strategy studiers who tend to struggle with the numbers

IFRS: classifying financial intruments

Why is the IASB consulting on the accounting for financial instruments with characteristics of equity?

No more Carillion scandals?

Is it time for fundamental changes in the audit maket? Both Labour and BDO think so, reports Graham Hambly

Keep on keeping on

Jackie Durham explains how if you keep your eye on the prize you can stay motivated during your studies

Tax: no safe havens

PQ magazine editor Graham Hambly reports on how the UK is reforming offshore tax evasion

Getting ready for business

Stephen Flatman outlines what you should be looking for when you tackle the case studies

Why you can’t ignore the money laundering regs

Tim Pinkney explains why AML is a subject that you really need to know about

FRC ups the ante

The Financial Reporting Council has announced big plans to enhance its monitoring of the six largest audit firms.

CIMA Strategic case: the rule of two

You need to take a tactical approach if you want to pass the strategic level case study, says Dave Halford

Be prepared for exam stress

Jackie Durham explains why you should follow the example of the scouts

Why reports matter

Mark Clatworthy poses the question: who actually uses financial reports?

Why you can’t ignore the money laundering regs

Tim Pinkney explains why AML is a subject that you really need to know about

Carillion fallout: FRC ‘under threat’

The future of the Financial Reporting Council has been thrown into doubt after the government promised an independent inquiry into its whole operation.

PSCs: a question of control

What is a PSC and how does it work? Here’s what Companies House has to say...

Know yourself

Becoming self-aware will help you develop and grow, says Jackie Durham

ABC, it’s easy as 123

­Katie Collins takes you on a step-by-step journey through the world of activity based costing – a topic you really must know

Wrestle with your future!

CIMA’s Jackie Durham has some simple advice – shut up and move on!

Blockchain and the future of accountancy

With bitcoin seemingly always in the news there’s much interest around the blockchain concept. David Lyford-Smith explains what it is and how it works

Keeping it real

Philip Dunn explains the importance of financial statements and who they are of most use to

Sharing can be a dangerous thing

CIMA has dished out a salutory lesson on how not to use social media during exam windows!

Bringing finance into the digital age

PQ magazine sits down for one of its regular chats with the man in charge of the ongoing CIMA syllabus review, Noel Tagoe

Keep calm… and carry on breathing

Jackie Durham outlines how you can best prepare for and cope with exam stress

New CIMA syllabus for summer

CIMA looks set to unveil its new-look qualification to coincide with the 2018 Football World Cup!

You’ve been hacked!

Ken Witt explains the growing role of the management accountant when it comes to protecting against cyber attacks

Still room for improvement in corporate reporting, says FRC

Regulator expects more detail and less ambiguity, according to report

Making Tax Digital: VAT

Despite delays to various staging post dates, the government’s digital agenda juggernaut is rolling on…

Putting the record straight

Letters in recent issues of PQ have highlighted students’ concern with the way it publishes its pass rates. Here CIMA’s Jackie Durham puts the institute’s side of the story…

The art of passing P1

P1 has a pass rate of just 50%, and Kate Williams has some top tips and advice to make sure you aren’t one of the disappointed

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