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Study Zone

Carillion fallout: FRC ‘under threat’

The future of the Financial Reporting Council has been thrown into doubt after the government promised an independent inquiry into its whole operation.

PSCs: a question of control

What is a PSC and how does it work? Here’s what Companies House has to say...

Know yourself

Becoming self-aware will help you develop and grow, says Jackie Durham

ABC, it’s easy as 123

­Katie Collins takes you on a step-by-step journey through the world of activity based costing – a topic you really must know

Wrestle with your future!

CIMA’s Jackie Durham has some simple advice – shut up and move on!

Blockchain and the future of accountancy

With bitcoin seemingly always in the news there’s much interest around the blockchain concept. David Lyford-Smith explains what it is and how it works

Keeping it real

Philip Dunn explains the importance of financial statements and who they are of most use to

Sharing can be a dangerous thing

CIMA has dished out a salutory lesson on how not to use social media during exam windows!

Bringing finance into the digital age

PQ magazine sits down for one of its regular chats with the man in charge of the ongoing CIMA syllabus review, Noel Tagoe

Keep calm… and carry on breathing

Jackie Durham outlines how you can best prepare for and cope with exam stress

New CIMA syllabus for summer

CIMA looks set to unveil its new-look qualification to coincide with the 2018 Football World Cup!

You’ve been hacked!

Ken Witt explains the growing role of the management accountant when it comes to protecting against cyber attacks

Still room for improvement in corporate reporting, says FRC

Regulator expects more detail and less ambiguity, according to report

Making Tax Digital: VAT

Despite delays to various staging post dates, the government’s digital agenda juggernaut is rolling on…

Putting the record straight

Letters in recent issues of PQ have highlighted students’ concern with the way it publishes its pass rates. Here CIMA’s Jackie Durham puts the institute’s side of the story…

The art of passing P1

P1 has a pass rate of just 50%, and Kate Williams has some top tips and advice to make sure you aren’t one of the disappointed

Risk adjusted cost of capital: just like decorating a new home

Sunil Bhandari has a colourful way to helping you understand risk adjusted cost of capital

Your guide to the revised CTA exam

The CTA qualification is getting a major overhaul – and it is looking good

Dump that stress!

Keep calm and carry on being mindful… Jackie Durham explains how to prepare for and cope with exam stress

‘What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine, you create’

CIMA’s Jackie Durham explains why it pays to think positively about your accountancy studies

How to give great financial presentations

Peter Simons has some advice on an activity that scares many of you witless – giving a presentation to your firm’s top brass

Time to end ‘illogical’ intangible asset rules

The disclosure of intangible assets remains disappointingly low, with $35trn (or almost three-quarters) of global intangible value not reflected in 2016 balance sheets, says Brand Finance.

CIMA pass rates holding steady

CIMA’s new pass rates have been released, and the OT and case study success rates are showing no sign of slippage.

Dealing with a corporate trading loss

Victoria Cavell explains how companies can use trading losses to their advantage

Put yourself to the test

What sort of a learner are you? Jackie Durham has devised a light-hearted quiz that might help you focus your studying!

Are you ready for GDPR?

Brian Palmer explains significant changes to the data protection laws that will come into effect in 2018 and will impact on your firm

Drones are coming to an audit near you

Wave goodbye to your calculator, the accountant’s new best friend could be their pet drone!

IASB’s IAS 12 clarification

The International Accounting Standards Board has issued IFRIC 23 Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments, to specify how to reflect uncertainty in accounting for incomes taxes. The board explained that it may be unclear how tax law applies to a particular transaction or circumstance, or whether a taxation authority will accept a company’s tax treatment.

Make sure you are on the right track

Tutors from Viva Financial Tuition take you on a ride through the August CIMA Operational case study

Standard overhaul 20 years in the making

The International Accounting Standards Board has now issued its overhauled IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts.

The future of finance

PQ caught up with CIMA’s Noel Tagoe to see how the latest syllabus review is going

Can cheats prosper?

Accountancy bodies have no plans to beef up their exam invigilation following reports of a surge in hi-tech cheating at universities.

Don’t go to pieces over leases

Claire Oglesby explains all you need to know about leases in the form of some top tips

Transformation is the key to success – as CIMA is proving

CIMA CEO Andrew Harding explains the thinking behind the institute’s new branding that has set the tongues wagging

Colour me VAT

HMRC sets out the VAT treatment for colouring and dot-to-dot books – is it simply child’s play?

Check in at Boots for a VAT refund

Who should pocket airport VAT refunds? Graham Hambly asks the question

National insurance and the level playing field

John Colville outlines how NI works and why some consider it controversial

The perils of practice

Jackie Durham explains why too much question practice can be counter-productive if you don’t know the syllabus you are studying in great detail

Plan for success

A new CIMA study planner tool for all its PQs has been unveiled.

FRC wants the right to sanction all directors

The UK’s biggest public companies have been put on notice – the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) wants to be able to take disciplinary action against all individuals for breaching financial reporting rules.

ACCA CBEs: Be a session player

Judith Bennett explores the practical ways that you can tackle ACCA’s F5–F9 exams

CIMA buoyant as pass rates rise year on year

CIMA OT pass rates are on the rise, and there has been some dramatic improvements year-on-year.

CIMA updates exam Ts & Cs

Tanya Barman explains changes to CIMA’s exam rules and regs

Preparation key to exam success

CIMA’s Jackie Durham explains why preparation is vital if you are to succeed in the exam hall in 2017

New App for CIMA students

A new app will help CIMA students get through the Certificate in Business Accounting, says Barry Walsh. So get downloading now – the app is free!

IFRS: a model answer

Martin Jones sets a question on equity and debt – and provides a specimen answer

Get on track with maths

CIMA knows that good maths skills are an essential underpinning for both its Certificate in Business Accounting and professional qualification, so it is offering all CIMA students access to some free maths modules.

Changes to Cert BA

Shane Balzan explains the changes to CIMA’s Certificate in Business Accounting syllabus

CIMA students: work, rest and play…

Meet two CIMA students who have managed to achieve that all-too-elusive work-life balance

Exam preparation: 24 hours to go

Stuart Pedley-Smith outlines what you should be doing with your time on the final day before that big exam

A quick look at… Treatment of payments for corportion tax purposes

A company may make different payments, but are you clear as to how each is treated for corporation tax purposes?

CIMA case study: so what's cooking?

Want to pass your CIMA case study? Jackie Durham suggests some new ingredients to help you with your preparations

Rising to the challenge

Accountants working in the public sector face a unique set of challenges. So how are they dealing with them?

Rise of the machines

Do CIMA PQs feel under threat from new technology? A CIMA survey found out, writes Tony Manwaring

Don’t get too close

EY has agreed to pay a whopping $9.3m to the US Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges that two of its audit partners “got too close to their clients on a personal level and violated rules that ensure firms maintain their objectivity and impartiality during audits”.

A quick look at… Ebrahimi v Westbourne Galleries Ltd. [1973] AC 360

This case remains the leading authority on the provision currently found in s122(1) (g) of the Insolvency Act 1986, which provides that a petition to wind up a company can be granted if it is “just and equitable” to wind up the company.

Sustainability and the UNGC: it’s the real thing

Keeping the planet clean for our children is laudable, but regulation could get in the way, says Martin Jones

Three steps to heaven

How to take CIMA’s Objective Tests – or Peter's Three Pass Technique!

Intangible assets: change is needed

It’s time for a revolution in the reporting of intangible assets, says David Haigh

CIMA releases real script

CIMA has released a new study resource for its Strategic case study students.

Meet the new boss: Andrew Harding interview

PQ editor Graham Hambly went for a chat with CIMA’s new CEO, Andrew Harding

Latest CIMA results show pass rate rise

CIMA’s OT pass rates just can’t stop going up!

CIMA F3 PQs baffled by ‘wrong feedback’

Many CIMA F3 students have been left dazed and confused after receiving their OT results and feedback recently.

A quick look at… IFRS 11 – Joint Arrangements

Accounting for joint arrangements is an example of a topic where the accounting standard (IFRS 11) is relatively straightforward to apply.

A quick look at… accounting for value – defining value

Most people will know something about Value Based Management (VBM). It is a management philosophy that, basically, focuses on the creation of value rather than just profits.

CIMA E3: why you must grasp the implications of IT

Iryna McDonald tells you how to pass the E3 paper

Updates to PER

CIMA students might have noticed that there have been some recent changes with regard to our Practical Experience Requirements (PER), notably there is a second choice of how to submit, writes Tricia Buchanan. This is a soft launch of a new online process during which CIMA is gathering feedback from applicants and assessors. The results of this will be used to enhance the new process and CIMA expects to be launching this pilot fully soon, and promoting it to our students, training providers and employers.

Classic way to succeed

One way of beating those stress blues while you are revising is to play a little bit of classical music.

New tier pricing for CIMA exams

CIMA is introducing a tiered pricing system for its exams, based on three new regions.

Specimen papers released

CIMA has released specimen case study answers, using a real student script, to show what a pass looks like.

IASB amends IFRS 15 revenue standard

The International accounting Standards Board (IASB) has issued amendments to IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, to help clarify some requirements and provide more transitional relief.

CIMA E1: Conflict resolution

Rebecca Evans on how conflict can arise within the finance function, and why this may be both good and bad

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