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CIMA’s advice on 'real life'

The debate has been rumbling on CIMA noticeboards – does using real-life business examples earn you marks in the case study?

April 2016

There appears to be much confusion out there, so PQ magazine asked CIMA for a definitive answer. In response, CIMA told us that case studies and marking schemes are written without any expectation of a candidate using real business examples. A spokesman said: “Sometimes a candidate might feel he/she can illustrate a point more easily by giving an example, but others can make the same point with equal effect (and credit) without giving an example.”
CIMA also said that most of those passing the case study do so without using examples, but rely instead on the data given in the pre-seen or the additional data in the exam itself.
There is a worry that students may try to shoehorn in real examples that they have been pointed towards in their preparation. When they do so it simply spoils the flow of any point the candidate is trying to make. It could be seen as irrelevant and show-offy!

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