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CIMA closes ‘hole’ in CIMA Connect

02 October 2017

CIMA students are being told to ‘change their passwords’ after an unauthorised individual was able to access and view some limited information about users on CIMA Connect.

Luckily for CIMA that unauthorised individual was a cyber security expert testing their system! He told CIMA he could download CIMA Connect contact IDs and email addresses.

CIMA have reacted quickly to tighten security and revealed that passwords, examination or financial data were at no time accessed.

To its credit CIMA has also gone public on the breach. CIMA did this, says CEO Andrew Harding, “ in the spirit of openness and trust, and to keep students informed”.

Harding also gives some advice on setting up a new password. He says you should use letters (upper and lower case), symbols and numbers. The combination should also be completely unrelated – ‘blue42UnicorN!” for example – and avoid common phrases or song lyrics. The longer the password the better too - create a password with 10 characters or more. Finally, you must keep it unique, try to use a different password for each of your online accounts.

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