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CIMA case study exam is not a three-hour test

If you want to ensure success at the CIMA case study you must stop thinking of the exam as a three-hour test, says Kaplan’s Becky Evans.

May 2016

As you can’t jump forward and backwards between tasks you need to plan for each individual task you are tackling (they are between 30 and 60 minutes). It is also essential you answer all the sub-requirements, as missing just one competency could mean a fail.
It may seem obvious, but you also have to know the pre-seen inside out, she explains. You won’t, however, have time to re-read it in the exam room, so you must know who the people are and what their roles are. Evans said that PQs are meant to be working for this organisation, so refer to people by name, not as ‘the HR manager’, for example.
CIMA PQs have to be proactive in ensuring they have no knowledge gaps from their exemptions, if they had them. Evans felt some students would benefit from sitting an underpinning course. She said you should ask your tutor for advice here, that is what they are there for!
PQ brought Evans together with four other experts to see what they thought were the challenges of the CIMA’s case study test. Along with CIMA’s Peter Stewart, our experts take an in-depth look at how you can ensure your success.

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