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Choosing the right options

04 August 2017

PQs need to spend five minutes carefully assessing which two of the three optional questions they can answer best, rather than diving into the first question you think you like, says the P1 ACCA examiner.

He said in his June Examiner Report that too many candidates spent 10 minutes writing an answer before realizing they couldn’t answer part b, or that they may have missed the point of the question. He stressed: “Section B questions have three parts and as a general rule of thumb candidates will score more marks by making a reasonable attempt at all three parts of one question rather than writing reams on two parts of a question but missing one part out.”

The P2 examiner wonders if you are conscious of time? Because, you will need to be to pass this test. You also need good discipline and energy, he said. The examiner also wants you to say ’no’ to superficial learning. Is your simply goal to pass an exam, or are you preparing yourself for a career in accounting? He wants you to say the later!

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