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You’ve done the revision, but are you prepared for the day of the exam? Tutor Harvey Kennett offers some tips on getting it right

May 2016

The day before:
Check your admission details on icaew.com/exams. This will have your candidate number and the exam centre address. Make sure you arrive 30 minutes before the start of your exam.

What you can bring:
Check what permitted texts you should have – visit icaew.com/permittedtexts

Make sure you have:
• Two forms of ID.
• Your own black ballpoint pen. Other pens don’t scan as well and the markers can only give marks for what they can see.

Don’t panic!
Good preparation with lots of exam practise will improve your confidence – thereby decreasing your stress on the day. A positive mental attitude goes a long way to making sure you pass.

Read the question:
It sounds simple, but you must read the question fully and then answer that question. Stay on topic and remember not to deviate away from what the question is asking.

Question practice:
Whether you are sitting one of the knowledge or skills-based exams, you will need to know the technical content so learn the syllabus. The question bank, sample papers and past papers show you how you will be tested, and show you what to expect in your exam. They are essential to your exam prep; find them at icaew.com/examresources

Consider your layout:
• Consider the format that you expect to see in the exam paper and use in your answers and learn it.
• Always show your workings. The marker can only give you credit for your method if they can see it.
• For discursive exams make each point clear and separate. Put every point in a separate paragraph.

Timing is everything:
The simplest way to manage your time is to look at how many marks each requirement has and allocate your time accordingly. You can even note down when you should move on to the next question if it helps.

During the exam:
• Follow the instructions on the front sheet of the exam paper. You may sign, date and print your name on the answer booklet before the start of the exam but that is all.
• Stay within the lines. Anything written outside of the answer booklet grid will not be scanned, so will not be marked.
• Make sure you start answering each question on a new page.
• Use both sides of the answer booklet.
• Don’t use corrector fluid or tape as it can affect what the marker sees (and marks). If you make an error cross it out neatly and carry on.

Time’s up:
When time is up you must stop writing immediately. Any further writing will be classed as misconduct and your details passed on to the ICAEW Assessment Committee.
This includes: filling in your candidate details, numbering pages, crossing out or signing your name.
For a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts for your exam read through the Instructions to Candidates guidelines at icaew.com/exams
• Harvey Kennett is a tutor at First Intuition

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