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Charting your path to a pass

For ACAs, keeping their online training file up-to-date is essential, and easier than they may think. Nicola White talks you through the process

January 2018

From the day you register as an ACA student, you will be able to log in and access your training file. Providing a record of your training, you will log practical work experience, as well as recording professional development and ethics progress discussed in your six monthly reviews. It is solely your responsibility to keep your file current until it is signed off at the end of your training agreement.
Track your progress
Your training file is easy to navigate. Ensure you donít miss a step by watching the guidance video, it provides everything you need to know. Watch it on demand at icaew.com/how-to. Once you have watched the video, start recording your progress as soon as your training starts and continue throughout your training agreement period.

Professional development:
Provide an example from your day-to-day work experience to show how you meet each professional development skill. Youíll need to evidence all 52 skills before the end of your training agreement. Record how you demonstrate each skill within your training file and include feedback from your QPRT, counsellor or principal. Access webinars and past Vital articles on each professional development skill to ensure you continue to gain those all-important skills at icaew.com/listenagain

Ethics and professional scepticism:
Youíll develop your ethics know-how throughout your ACA training and itís vital that ethics is discussed at every six-monthly review. Failure to complete this section in your journey will jeopardise your journey into membership.
Steadily progress through the ethics learning programme during your training and after completing each module watch the corresponding Practising Ethics webinar. Make notes on the ethical scenarios during the webinar, as well as Charting your path to a pass
ethical examples that you read in the news or see in the workplace, as you will discuss these at your next review.

Practical work experience:
Keep a record of the number of hours you complete per day using a timesheet or noting the hours in a diary. One working day is seven hours so if you work longer than this, you may be able to record more time. Add your number of days in six-month blocks in your training file and make sure that the days you enter are for the full period of your training agreement Ė donít leave any gaps. You canít count study leave, courses, sickness days, holidays or office administration towards your work experience. If your employerís internal professional development and/or ethical programmes have been accredited by ICAEW, you will only see the sections of the training file relevant to you.

Audit qualification:
Audit experience gained during your ACA training may help you to gain the Audit Qualification (AQ), if youíre working for a firm of registered auditors in the UK who is an ICAEW authorised training employer. You will need the AQ to become a Responsible Individual to sign audit reports in the future.
Ensure you record your audit experience throughout your training agreement, not just after an audit. If you donít record your audit experience, you will lose it.
At the end of your training agreement, you will have six months to finalise your audit experience and submit to ICAEW.

Book a Professional or Advanced Level exam via your training file and log-in on results day to view your marks. You can download and email your exam results to anyone when youíre logged into your file.
Remember, you wonít be able to qualify if your training file is incomplete. By keeping your file current it will be much easier when your file is ready to be signed off and it will also help ICAEW to verify your records before youíre invited to become a member.
For more help and guidance on your online training file or six-monthly reviews, visit icaew.com/how-to, or speak to your QPRT, counsellor, or principal.
ē Nicola White, Training and CPD manager at ICAEW
Reproduced with the permission of ICAEW, this article was first published in Vital (October 2017)

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