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Become a partner in your 20s

27 June 2017

Big 4 outfit EY has said that robots will take over 30% of the work currently done by its graduates.

But the good news is that could mean increasing numbers of staff being promoted to partner status in their 20s, 10 years ahead of schedule!

EY’s chief innovation officer Harry Gaskell went on record to say this doesn’t mean the firm is planning thousands of job cuts (phew). Instead the robots will take the place of graduates who, in the past, had to be “in the office until midnight adding information into spreadsheets”.

Gaskell explained: “That knowledge is now in machines, so we can free up graduates to more entrepreneurial projects.”
He suggested EY would need five to seven years to automate the tedious administrative tasks.

EY is also expected to ask employees what bits of their job would be better done by a robot.

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