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Be wary of the seven-year rule

Professional level ACCA students need to be aware that they now have seven years to complete their exams before the results ‘expire’.

February 2018

Previously, students were removed from the register if they had not completed the exams within 10 years of their initial registration date. This never really happened as the 10 years were reinstated every time the syllabus was changed!
The seven-year time limit starts as soon as you pass your first professional level exam.
So, if you passed P1 in December 2010 you would have been given an ‘expiry date’ of December 2017. If you did not complete all the professional level exams by December 2017 then you will be required to re-take P1. There is an added complication because of the changes to the professional qualification come September.
The ACCA has said that if difficult personal circumstances have prevented you from taking exams you can apply for an extension to the time limit. But it added that extensions will only be granted under the most extenuating of circumstances. And the maximum extension it will grant is one year (four exam sessions).
Students whose first exam session was December 2015 or earlier still have a 10-year time limit to qualify. This is from the date you registered as a student.

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