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Are the ACCA questions too long?

01 November 2017

ACCA students seem to be increasingly concerned about the growing length of the exam papers.

Many students told PQ magazine that the papers are becoming more and more a mere test of speed. “You have to be able to read fast, calculate quickly, and just can’t be too slow or you will be punished,” explained one worried sitter.

The students want shorter exam questions. As an F5 sitter explained: “You are supposed to take two minutes per MCQ question but it takes five minutes to read and understand some, so how does that work?”

Students admit to struggling to read the whole question, and under pressure many admit to skim reading!

For the ‘P’ paper sitters suggest the section B scenarios are nearly as long as the section A now.

One P3 sitter said: “Q1 was just far too long to read and analyse properly. It was more a test of speed reading rather then understanding the syllabus.” Yet another asked: “They give us so little time to show true understanding and analytical skills.”

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