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Discover everything you need to know about access arrangements and special consideration for the exams

August 2017

Do you feel your exam performance may be hindered due to a health condition, disability or specific learning difficulty (SpLD)?
ICAEW may be able to put access arrangements in place to support you during an exam. You can also apply for access arrangements if you are suffering from a short-term condition not covered by the Equality Act. Once ICAEW has received your application, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of ICAEW’s decision in 10 working days.
ICAEW will do everything reasonable to support you. This may involve adjustments, such as awarding you extra time, rest breaks, a reader, scribe or changes to the exam format. Just so long as you can provide suitable evidence.

How to apply for access arrangements:
Please make sure your completed application is submitted by email to aa@icaew.com no later than the exam booking deadline, including any supporting evidence that will help ICAEW consider your application. Please ensure that you read the guidance notes in full, available at icaew.com/accessarrangements prior to sending your application.

What happens if access arrangements cannot
be awarded?
If appropriate access arrangements cannot be awarded in time for the exam you should consider carefully whether to defer your exam to the following exam session. ICAEW recommends that you read through the guidance documents online to ensure you understand the requirements and you can be rest assured your application will be looked at without delay.
You can find these documents at icaew.com/accessarrangements. Alternatively, you can email aa@icaew.com with any questions you may have regarding your circumstances or the application.

Special consideration:
Students who feel that their performance in the exam has been adversely affected by illness or other circumstances may apply to have these factors taken into consideration during the results determination process. It is solely your responsibility to fully read and understand the special consideration process before you sit an exam. You can find out more about this process by visiting icaew.com/exams.

How to apply for special consideration:
Any applications for special consideration should be submitted to specialconsideration@icaew.com as soon as possible after the exam; all applications must be received within two weeks from the date of the exam. If you are unsure about an application please refer to the special consideration guidance available at icaew.com/specialconsideration.
Access arrangements and computer-based exams
We have been working with our computer-based exams software and exam centre providers to ensure that our access arrangements evolve, as more of the ACA Professional Level exams move to computer. If you have already applied and have been awarded access arrangements for a Professional Level exam we will contact you to confirm your access arrangements for these exams before they move to computer. If you have access arrangements already in place that are not due to expire you do not need to reapply when you book an exam.
If you feel you may need access arrangements for an exam moving to computer, or you haven’t taken an exam in two years, please get in touch, email ICAEW at aa@icaew.com

Exam booking deadlines:
ICAEW recommends that you make a note of all key dates and deadlines when applying for your ACA Professional or Advanced Level exams. Any late exam applications are unlikely to be accepted.
Any requests received within the week after the closing date, that can be accommodated, will incur additional fees. Please remember to apply for and book your exams early.
Download all the key dates you need at icaew.com/exams
• Thanks to the ICAEW for this article

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