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Study Zone

Carillion fallout: FRC ‘under threat’

The future of the Financial Reporting Council has been thrown into doubt after the government promised an independent inquiry into its whole operation.

Where’s the mark allocation?

ACCA P7 sitters want to know why they are treated differently to international sitters.

Cryptocurrencies: so what do you know?

Accountancy professionals need to better understand cryptocurrencies, says Narayanan Vaidyanathan

What did you think?

Here’s our paper-by-paper guide to the March sitting, courtesy of those who sat the exam!

Preparation is the key to success for CBEs

Andrew Mower offers five top tips on how you can get through the CBEs

PSCs: a question of control

What is a PSC and how does it work? Here’s what Companies House has to say...

Make your mark

Alan Hatfield tells you exactly what you need to know to improve your leadership skills

Blockchain and the future of accountancy

With bitcoin seemingly always in the news there’s much interest around the blockchain concept. David Lyford-Smith explains what it is and how it works

Keeping it real

Philip Dunn explains the importance of financial statements and who they are of most use to

P5: How to be part of the 29%

Mustafa Muchhala offers some sound advice on how to pass the Advance Performance Management paper

ACCA - the examiners' reports

Do you measure up to examiners’ expectations? We look at the December skills and option level papers with the worst pass rates

Why the ‘why’ is the key to passing P3

Paul Anderson explains what you need to do to get through this tough paper

Be wary of the seven-year rule

Professional level ACCA students need to be aware that they now have seven years to complete their exams before the results ‘expire’.

Are sample papers an Achilles’ heel?

Sunil Bhandari is skeptical about how useful ACCA sample questions are when it comes to students trying to pass the real thing

A new ethical dawn

Stephanie Keenan explains how the new Ethics and Professional Skills Module will work

So you think you know how to learn?

PQ has a guest editor this month – Craig Coda. Here he offers some top tips on how to pass ACCA – and he should know the score, as he did it in two years!

Everything you need to know..

Welcome to PQ’s one-stop briefing for the new ACCA Professional Level exams, which come into play from September 2018 – courtesy of BPP’s Tony Sharples

Still room for improvement in corporate reporting, says FRC

Regulator expects more detail and less ambiguity, according to report

Making Tax Digital: VAT

Despite delays to various staging post dates, the government’s digital agenda juggernaut is rolling on…

Ethics survey shows there’s more to do

A new report from ACCA exposes a worrying level of unethical behaviour in the workplace in the UK. ACCA’s Brian McEnery explains all

Study ACCA at your own PACE

ACCA–approved publisher, Becker Professional Education, has launched a great new product for self-studiers.

When to take P1 and P3?

ACCA PQs have just three sittings left before the introduction of new innovative four hour Strategic Business Leader case study.

ACCA puts ethics at the forefront

PQ’s Graham Hambly went to ACCA HQ to take a look at the new Ethics & Professional Skills module

Professional level changes are afoot

Rebecca Evans outlines the options available to ACCA PQs affected by new syllabus changes

Your guide to the revised CTA exam

The CTA qualification is getting a major overhaul – and it is looking good

Why are ACCA pass rates so low?

The old adage is true. If you fail to prepare for the ACCA exams then prepare to fail, writes Paul Merison

ACCA case study: change is afoot

James Taylor explains how the new case study may affect your planning

Practice every day keeps resits away

Meet Daniel Powley, the ACCA who achieved the joint highest grade worldwide for his P2 Corporate Reporting paper

P6: avoiding the traps

Sally Chapman offers some top tips on passing the Advanced Taxation paper

How to give great financial presentations

Peter Simons has some advice on an activity that scares many of you witless – giving a presentation to your firm’s top brass

Time to end ‘illogical’ intangible asset rules

The disclosure of intangible assets remains disappointingly low, with $35trn (or almost three-quarters) of global intangible value not reflected in 2016 balance sheets, says Brand Finance.

Dealing with a corporate trading loss

Victoria Cavell explains how companies can use trading losses to their advantage

Should you switch straight to CBEs?

Rebecca Evans discusses the pros and cons of both paper and CBE exams

Making it all add up to an ethical future

Dorothy Wood outlines how organisations are being judged on more than just the numbers – and where you fit in to the new world order

Are you ready for GDPR?

Brian Palmer explains significant changes to the data protection laws that will come into effect in 2018 and will impact on your firm

Time allocation = football formation

Back of the net! Master tactician Sunil Bhandari has a novel way of getting you past this tough paper. Go on my son!

The examiners’ workshops: F5

Our editor reports directly from the ACCA Global Learning Providers’ Conference

The examiners’ workshops: P5

Our editor reports directly from the ACCA Global Learning Providers’ Conference

The examiners’ workshops: F8

Our editor reports directly from the ACCA Global Learning Providers’ Conference

The examiners’ workshops: P7

Our editor reports directly from the ACCA Global Learning Providers’ Conference

Drones are coming to an audit near you

Wave goodbye to your calculator, the accountant’s new best friend could be their pet drone!

IASB’s IAS 12 clarification

The International Accounting Standards Board has issued IFRIC 23 Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments, to specify how to reflect uncertainty in accounting for incomes taxes. The board explained that it may be unclear how tax law applies to a particular transaction or circumstance, or whether a taxation authority will accept a company’s tax treatment.

Why rote learning will lead to failure

Paula McGrath outlines the importance of you detailing the appropriate audit procedures in your F8 and P7 answers

ACCA June 2017 Examiner Reports

Here’s our take on the ACCA June Examiner Reports. They really are worth a proper read

Standard overhaul 20 years in the making

The International Accounting Standards Board has now issued its overhauled IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts.

Use specimen papers, ACCA begs students

Students must do everything they can to become familiar with how the CBE exam tools work, said ACCA officials at the Global Learning Providers’ Conference.

The examiners’ workshops: F9

Here’s what the ACCA examiners had to say about your performance at the Global Learning Conference

The examiners’ workshops: P4

Here’s what the ACCA examiners had to say about your performance at the Global Learning Conference

The examiners’ workshops: F7

Here’s what the ACCA examiners had to say about your performance at the Global Learning Conference

The examiners’ workshops: P2

Here’s what the ACCA examiners had to say about your performance at the Global Learning Conference

F6 exam: what a relief!

Tax planning is an important aspect of the F6 Taxation (UK) paper. Here Caron Betts explains which Capital Gains Tax reliefs can be used to mitigate tax liability

Don’t take gel pens into the exam!

ACCA students take note – you must not use gel pens or Tippex in the exam hall!

ACCA conference news

ACCA has unveiled its timetable for the withdrawal of paper exams for the F5-F9 sessions.

Can cheats prosper?

Accountancy bodies have no plans to beef up their exam invigilation following reports of a surge in hi-tech cheating at universities.

CBEs 'are here to stay'

Editor Graham Hambly reports from the global learning conference

If it’s in the news, then you need to know all about it

AVADO’s Paul Kirkwood focuses on the ACCA F1 topic of Corporate Codes of Ethics, using real news stories to help build knowledge and understanding

Think ahead with ACCA

Maggie McGhee outlines what the Professional Insights are and explains why ACCA students would be wise to maximise the resources available to them

Don’t go to pieces over leases

Claire Oglesby explains all you need to know about leases in the form of some top tips

ACCA unveils enhanced ethics module for PQs

ACCA has formally unveiled its new, improved (and much longer) Ethics and Professional Skills Module.

Spotlight on ethics

Judith Bennett outlines what ACCA’s new ethics and professional skills module entails and explains its key elements

Colour me VAT

HMRC sets out the VAT treatment for colouring and dot-to-dot books – is it simply child’s play?

Check in at Boots for a VAT refund

Who should pocket airport VAT refunds? Graham Hambly asks the question

National insurance and the level playing field

John Colville outlines how NI works and why some consider it controversial

The examiners' reports

What little gems did the December ACCA examiners’ reports hold? Here’s our take on them…

Glory glory Man United!

Sunil Bhandari explains how you can best tackle questions on financial futures

What should I sit?

With syllabus changes imminent for some ACCA papers, Rebecca Evans outlines the best route for you to take

Foundations on which to build your knowledge

In the first in a series in which AVADO tutors focus on core syllabus areas from across the exams. Where else could Paul Kirkwood start but with double entry accounting?


Here's what LSBF tutors are predicting will appear in June

First Intuition's June 2017 exam tips

The top team at FI provide there tips for this summer's P papers

BPP's guidance for the June 2017 exams

BPP provide a list of what you need to know when you enter the exam hall this June

The Examiner Reports - December 2016

What little gems did the December ACCA examiner’s report hold? Here’s our take on them…

ACCA expands CBEs

The ACCA has unveiled the countries where it will be increasing the availability of its CBE sessions for June.

FRC wants the right to sanction all directors

The UK’s biggest public companies have been put on notice – the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) wants to be able to take disciplinary action against all individuals for breaching financial reporting rules.

ACCA P7: A logical approach

James Griffiths offers a step-by-step guide to how to get through P7, a paper that causes PQs so much stress

ACCA CBEs: Be a session player

Judith Bennett explores the practical ways that you can tackle ACCA’s F5–F9 exams

Timely releases from the ACCA

ACCA has said that it will look at reinstating a clear policy of releasing information around exam times, says director of qualifications, Catherine Edwards in an exclusive interview with PQ magazine.

Audit reports: keep up!

Paul Merison explains how you can get your head around the recent changes to the audit report that are now examined in F8 and P7

Want to pass F9? Then call a CAB!

Sunil Bhandari explains why being out of order can help get you a pass mark

College visit: AVADO

PQ magazine went to Hammersmith to discover how three of Avado’s ACCA studiers are finding the online world of accountancy training

A Quick Look at... the nominal ledger

Today, the role of IT and the internet are wide ranging in industry, government and society.

ACCA P4: give it a whirl

Sunil Bhandari explains why you should consider the optional P4

IFRS: a model answer

Martin Jones sets a question on equity and debt – and provides a specimen answer

December exam feedback

ACCA F7 candidates worrying about the amount of C answers in the MCQs, P1 sitters struggling to write a letter, and an outcry over P7 time pressure.

ACCA releases Q&As for F5-F9

ACCA students will have been both ‘shocked’ and ‘delighted’ with the news that the association released the F5-F9 September exam ‘Questions and Answers’.

Strategic changes

Mary Bishop explains changes to the qualification that are due to come into effect during 2017 and 2018

ACCA September exam feedback

What the examiners thought of the September exams – and what students thought, too

Exam preparation: 24 hours to go

Stuart Pedley-Smith outlines what you should be doing with your time on the final day before that big exam

A quick look at… Treatment of payments for corportion tax purposes

A company may make different payments, but are you clear as to how each is treated for corporation tax purposes?

Tips from the top

ACCA prizewinner Reena Mehta-Jagatia offers her tips for exam success

ACCA exam feedback – from the September sitting

How were the September 2016 exams. Here’s what those who sat the P exams thought and those who set the exams (the examiners) thought!

Rising to the challenge

Accountants working in the public sector face a unique set of challenges. So how are they dealing with them?

Don’t get too close

EY has agreed to pay a whopping $9.3m to the US Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges that two of its audit partners “got too close to their clients on a personal level and violated rules that ensure firms maintain their objectivity and impartiality during audits”.

New case study for final level

The ACCA unveiled a major shake-up of its final level examinations at an exclusive preview of ‘the ACCA Qualification – the future’ at its new HQ on 10 October.

All change at ACCA

Alan Hatfield outlines changes to the qualification designed to keep it both relevant and fit for purpose

Budgeting: can you have your cake and eat it?

Why did the Beeb lose ‘Bake Off’? Caron Betts exlains the budgetary reasons

A quick look at… Ebrahimi v Westbourne Galleries Ltd. [1973] AC 360

This case remains the leading authority on the provision currently found in s122(1) (g) of the Insolvency Act 1986, which provides that a petition to wind up a company can be granted if it is “just and equitable” to wind up the company.

Sustainability and the UNGC: it’s the real thing

Keeping the planet clean for our children is laudable, but regulation could get in the way, says Martin Jones

Intangible assets: change is needed

It’s time for a revolution in the reporting of intangible assets, says David Haigh

September feedback for the ACCA exams

Confusion reigned at the start of the F8 ACCA September exams as students had to get their heads around a change in the question numbers – Q16, Q17 and Q18 becoming Q1, Q2 and Q3 respectively.

You can’t write that!

PQ magazine takes a look at a recent case that came before the ACCA Disciplinary Committee

Top tips for the exam hall

Here’s our 10 tips to ensuring success in the ACCA Exam Hall – so read and remember!

A study technique that will help you crack F1

It would be a C.R.I.M.E. to fail this paper – just use our mnemonics to help you get that pass

September ACCA exam changes

LSBF’s Paul Merison outlines the changes to the ACCA exams that kick in for the September exam diet. How will it affect you?

ACCA September exam tips - Essential papers

BPP's top team provide their tips for the September essential papers - P1, P2 & P3

ACCA September exam tips - Options papers

BPP's tips for the option papers

ACCA September exam tips - First Intuition

FIrst Intuition provides September tips for all the Professional papers

A quick look at… IFRS 11 – Joint Arrangements

Accounting for joint arrangements is an example of a topic where the accounting standard (IFRS 11) is relatively straightforward to apply.

ACCA September exam tips - Skills papers

BPP's top team give their advice and tips on passing the ACCA September exams

A quick look at… accounting for value – defining value

Most people will know something about Value Based Management (VBM). It is a management philosophy that, basically, focuses on the creation of value rather than just profits.

Classic way to succeed

One way of beating those stress blues while you are revising is to play a little bit of classical music.

IASB amends IFRS 15 revenue standard

The International accounting Standards Board (IASB) has issued amendments to IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, to help clarify some requirements and provide more transitional relief.

Are you working hard enough? P7 examiner doesn’t think so!

ACCA P7 March sitters have come under fire for being unprepared for the exam and simply not putting in enough effort into learning many of the basics. This assessment of the March sitting comes from the P7 examiner who is not a happy woman.

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