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ACCA March exams day 3

07 March 2019

Here’s our day 3 feedback


There was a mixed reaction from some PM sitters. One PQ tweeted us: “Felt really bad on time management. Both questions in section C were performance assessment! One based on variances and the other straight 20-marker on assessment. Section A easy, B was half-OK.”

Another student said it was a tough test. “Some had questions on linear programming and not-for-profit in section C, a few had relatively easier questions on ROI and RI.”

Meanwhile, an Open Tuition PQ said: “Parts A and B were testing but straightforward.” It was part C that sorted people out! For others it was between “OK’ and ‘hard”.

Some students ran out of time too. “Ran out of time, went blank and panicked,” explained Shazeea.

Some CBE students still don’t realise they will get different questions, and there was some question envy going on. Other people’s questions always sound easier…


APM seemed fair, according to a tweet from Nick B. That said he felt it didn’t seem to test much of the syllabus! Johnnygsy felt the exam was “pretty hard work getting everything answered in the time”. PQs just felt with a bit more time they could have provided a better answer.

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