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07 March 2018

Our March 2018 ACCA feedback...

CBE sitters have finally begun to realise that they no longer sit the same exams! Having an easy online discussion does become more problematic. You are always searching for someone who had the same ‘experience’ as you.
Overall the verdict was this was a toughie.
There was also a worry from the paper-based student that taking CBE exams might make the paper harder. Another student reassured them that the answer to that question is ‘no’. In fact the CBE sitter said the exams was easier and liked the questions always being there on the left hand side of the4 scree. They also loved the spreadsheet application and using cells mean making changes was also easier.
Some PQs said they were taken aback when they saw the disposal of a subsidiary with group accounts question. They were sure their ‘approved’ texts said a 20-mark question like this wouldn’t appear!

A ‘dry’ part B, and pretty tough exam all-round, was the general consensus. “I have never seen a section B like this ever before…!!!”, said one student on Open Tuition . For this sitters section B was a disaster. Students wondered how there could be two exchange rates in the same country. “Where is this country?” one asked.
Students feel the examiner tested almost all the standards. That said there seemed a lot in the exam about IFRS5 and not so much about IFRS 9.
One student put it: “P2 was a disaster!” Another said they were just ‘very disappointed”.

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