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08 March 2018

Your March feedback for F5, P1 and P5...

This one was deemed a hard paper, with very detailed questions in both section A&B.
One student claimed the March CBE format was x10 harder than the paper-based December exam - that’s quite a lot harder then! However, many agreed that the F5 CBE is harder, and much harder than any practice OT question bank.
Students were ‘disappointed’ that is was so tough. Some PQs also felt F5 was too big a jump from F4.
There are also stories of frozen screens and of sitters having to change stations, which only added to the pressure of it all.
There also appears to have been problems quite a few venues. A PQ sitting at Kensington & Chelsea College in London claimed that students started playing drums and bass on the floor above their heads during the exam. “The discussion questions were really impossible to think through because of the noise.” Another students said they were forced to wait 40 minutes in front of their computer screen before they were able to start the exam. Then there were the students who went to three rooms before they were sat at their computers. Oh, and there was a busker outside the Newcastle exam centre too. ACCA ear plugs for all!

A fair paper, but you needed to use all your time management skills again. Risk was a big part of the March test. One student said six of the technical articles got tested this time around, so it really does pay off to read these, obviously. That’s the ones on transactional cost theory, CER ethical dilemmas, the AAA model, risk (dynamic, assessment, purpose of risk committee), and independence & NEDs. “Thank God I read them just before the exam,” they stressed.
Another student said they had a giggle to themselves (not something that happens a lot in P1 exams) when they realised Q4 was all about Brexit. The UK was called LaLand, which suggested to this sitter that the examiner wanted to call it LalaLand!

Students asked the examiner for more time again. However, some admitted that this might be because they spent too long on Q1! “It’s the bloody time pressure,” said a sitter.
There is just too much to read, they explained. Some questions were also deemed ‘very vague’.
One hapless student said: “The likelihood is most of us will have failed.” But then that is often the case.
What upset another PQ was the fact that they were good at performance management at university, but “this paper sucks”.

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