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05 June 2019

The June exam feedback for the first two days of the June sitting…


A relatively straight-forward exam for many. One student even ventured that the examiner had been “kind to us”! That said, many found the multiple choice questions tough. The MCQs were called “annoying”, “a bit unfair”, and “a disaster”. So, you can take your pick here. We particularly liked the comment: “MTQs man…where did they find those?”

We have heard of some exams starting 45 minutes late because of technical issues. Trying to ignore a fire alarm, despite the warning was another ‘experience’ sitters had to overcome.

Many AA sitters said the one thing the exam has helped with is decide which options not to take if they get there – and one being AAA!


“Nasty” and “impossible is how some candidates described the June AAA sitting. As one sitter said: “time management is just impossible in this exam”. Another agreed time pressure “was a real nightmare”. Again sitters admitted to spending too long on Q1. “I was left with one hour to do Q2 and Q3,” said one PQ. But, as another student pointed out: “Only 30% will pass, and you could be one of them!” The worry is that there are the same responses to these exams at every sitting of AAA, and nothing seems to change.


Wasn’t deemed to bad this time around, although one PQ said the exam left her “confuzzled”.

When in doubt many opted to waffle their way out of a question…


A tough test for many this time around. In fact several people used the word “horrible” in their comments. It was Q3 & Q4 that seemed to be the problem this time.


A “strange”, “weird”, and “odd” exam for many, but pretty much all common sense, said one sitter. Others thought there was nothing extreme about the paper, and thought the ethics question seemed ‘too easy’ in fact.

The strangeness of the paper was summed up by one student: “If I has the study text and course notes open in front of me they would have been no help whatsoever.” The worry for some is they waffled too much.

Time management still got the better of many. “The time was just incredibly tight,” said one PQ. Another explained: “Probably the most time pressured of any ACCA exam I have done.”

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