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05 June 2018

P7 June feedback
The time pressure for many of those sitting the ACCA P7 June exam was just ‘unreal’, according to much of the feedback.
One angry sitter said they just don’t understand what the examiner is looking for. “I will be back in September not because of my lack of knowledge but my inability to manage the time pressure!” Many felt they would need at least three and a half hours to get close to doing the paper justice. Another frustrated PQ said: “I don’t think the examiner really understands this from a student perspective.” For one it was “the most time-pressured exam I have ever sat.”
Several students also admitted to spending too long on Q1. “I only had 15 minutes to answer that last question,” explained one optional student. They were not alone.
It was suggested that the question requirement should be made shorter and more precise.
The June paper left many trainees deflated and dejected.

F8 June feedback
A tough test this time around for F8 sitters. One PQ admitted they didn’t read the requirements of the question properly as they felt under such time constraints. It is interesting to see what time pressure can do to sitters. Another sitter said they spent too long in the led up to the exam on the theory and not enough on practicing the questions. They know that was a huge mistake now!
One PQ revealed it was their first time of doing CBE and they…“hated it!”
Many F8 students really don’t like substantive procedures and it came up again. After finishing the exam one PQ said they never wanted to think about them again “for the rest of my life”.

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