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08 June 2018


F6 June feedback
An ‘OK’ paper for many. One Open Tuition comment was: “This exam was a top! It was very easy compared to F5 yesterday, which was a disaster.” It is all relative!
Many sitters said they found section A & B easy, but struggled with section C. The key to passing this paper is knowing why you are making the calculation rather than memorising the rules! The other big debate was which section to start with – C or A?

P3 June feedback
Quite a tough test for many. As one PQ put it: “I don’t know how I feel after that exam.”
Q1 was a struggle for many who couldn’t find enough points for the SWOT analysis. IT was the weaknesses that were the problem. Students struggled to find enough to write about for the Five Forces 18 marker.

P6 June feedback
Hard, but on the fair side, said one sitter. Q1 was tough, as always! As one PQ said: “I practised so many IHT and CGT questions at home I thought I was ready. Yet never came across a question with a sale at under value rather than a gift.”

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