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07 September 2017

Here's our feedback from F5, P1 and P5 September sitting...

F5 feedback
Many felt thus was a fair paper, some even described it as ‘easy’. As one PQ said: “5o marks were a piece of cake.”
Section A was deemed suspiciously easy, section B a bit harder, and for some section C was still a ‘nightmare’.
There is still some confusion of the noticeboards about the fact that students no longer all sit the same questions! “OMG – no idea what you guys are discussing – had completely different questions.”
The big complaint here is the length of questions. Students feel the papers are overly complicated and want the examiner to make them shorter.

P1 feedback
One PQ went as far as describing this paper as ‘brilliant’. Although time still the enemy most students said they managed to answer pretty much all the paper. Sitters loved the Q1 on football match fixing.

P5 feedback
Students claim this was another time-pressured exam. However, everyone said the paper was better than June’s! Q1 asked students to explain the performance dashboard and why it was award-winning. This question was described as both ‘good’ and ‘interesting’.
So what did the exam include? One PQ said the topics included were: performance pyramid, TQM, cost of quality, that dashboard question, ROCE, EBITDA, benchmarking, target costing gains, integrated reporting and appraisal systems. Sounds like good syllabus coverage.

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