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11 September 2017

ACCA September exam feedback

F9 Feedback
A challenging paper.
Many sitters ‘absolutely hated’ the MCQ section. The big question now is do publishers need to increase the difficulty level of MCQs in their revision kits to reflect this reality?
Another complaint was the fact that the exam concentrated on the same key areas, when many sitters had worked hard to cover ALL of the syllabus, as instructed!
And, considering that F9 has such a vast syllabus one PQ asked why they were asked to calculate MU or cost of redeemable loan notes x3!
There was no Modigliani & Miller, working capital or Islamic Finance. The last question on NPV was a help though.

Very time pressured and tricky exam, especially Q1.
As one PQ put it on Open Tuition’s noticeboard: “Wow, investment apparisal in Q1 – what a shocker! A good one though.”
Another PQ felt that Q2 and Q4 were “just about as easy as this paper gets”.
For many sitters P4 is just a test of speed – you have to read fast and calculate quickly. You can’t be slow at anything! Students felt that section B scenarios are now as long as section A’s.

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