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ACCA exams: 15 minutes added via RAPT changes

The ACCA is removing the exam restrictions relating to the 15 minutes’ reading and planning time.

April 2016

In effect, this makes all F5 to P7 exams 195 minutes long!
From September, candidates will be able to use this time however they choose. The ACCA said nothing really changes, as the total exam time remains the same at three hours and 15 minutes.
But some tutors are worried that it will be quickly forgotten that that time was to encourage students to take their time at the beginning of the exam to read the questions carefully and to properly plan their answers. “Students will start writing straight away and others will worry they too should follow suit,” explained one tutor.
ACCA says candidates had told them that completing the candidate answer grid for the MC sections for F5 to F9 was taking up a lot of time. The pressure to write legibly was also a struggle, and it was suggested that extra time might help here, too.
Interestingly, the ACCA also point out that as young professionals candidates have to take responsibility for managing their time
See what the ACCA says in full: www.accaglobal. com/gb/en/student/sa/study-skills/rapt-2016

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