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08 June 2017


F5 Performance Management
Sitters found the MCQs hard this year. The lack of variances in section C also threw a few. But the worse part of the June exam appears to be section B and shadow prices.
Quite a few PQs raised the quality of the approved material, with some suggesting it doesn’t provide the breadth of knowledge needed to get a pass. Many said the real questions are much harder than the practice questions in the texts.
One sitter also felt they had seen Q31 before: “It’s an exact replica of a question that appeared in June 2009’’.
Another felt the exam team were in a bad mood when they set this one. “I thought the paper was hard.”

P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics
“Honestly I think June’s was the hardest P1 ever,” was one comment we found on Open Tuition’s noticeboard. The P1 examiner rarely gets any stick, but that’s mot true after this one.
The real problem is time management. Students admitted they struggle to chose between Q2 and Q4 because of this, and most regretted whatever choice they made!
Q2 was described as ‘twisted’ and ‘difficult’.

P5 Advanced Performance Management
Did sitters not like this one! Students who had passed all their ACCA exams first time talk about the problem of P5 and feeling defeated. One PQ wondered if it was really worth taking P5 when P6 has a 38% pass rate. Remember the March pass rate for this paper was 28%. Many sitters are really struggling to understand what the examiner wants. As a PQ said: “There is too much to read and too much to write, it’s almost impossible to finish this one.” There was a lot of talk about resitting the exam this September.

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