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ACCA exam results – a mixed bag

16 April 2019

The ACCA March 2019 exam results are out, and the option pass rates are all down on the last sitting.

AAA has dropped back to 30%, ATX has slumped from 40% to 33% (that’s a big drop), AFM fell from 41% down to 35%, and finally APM slipped to 32%.

There is better news for the Strategic Professional essential papers. While the SBL March pass rate was 46%, the SBR rates rose to their highest-ever level – 49%.

The Applied Skills paper results were also a mixed bag. The 50% pass rate for FM was a real plus, as was PM’s 42%. However, AA remains stubbornly low at 37%. The TX paper slipped to 46%, and FR dropped 4 percentage points on December 2018 to 47%.

A fall in the ATX paper pass rate to 33% might have been expected, as sitters told PQ magazine it was ‘a badboy’, ‘nasty’ and ‘horrible’ this time around. When it came to AFM candidates said it was either a disaster or an absolute disaster on many of the noticeboards. The 35% pass rate seems to confirm that.

That said PQs also told us AA and AAA were ‘fairer’ this sitting. At 37% and 30% the marks show students are struggling with these papers, no matter what’s in the exam!

In all some 96,000 students sat 117,000 papers (average 1.2 papers each). A total of 3,600 trainees completed their final exams to become ACCA affiliates – and are just one step away from the that ACCA members’ wall!

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