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07 December 2018

Feedback from the SBR and FR December paper sittings

Here’s our feedback for day four...


This is how one sitter described the December paper: “Surprisingly easy, almost no tax, no eps, no ratio linked to stock price, no mid-year acquisition.”

Another sitter said they had “a lot on leases and a pig of a consolidation statement of financial position, but a really nice final question on interpreting a statement of cash flows, profit margin, and explaining to a director why the cash position was lower and profitability up.” Overall that made it a tough test.

One sitter thinks they spotted the seeded questions which they claim were “awful”.


This sitting was described as “A bit naughty”, “a complete car crash”, and “a total shocker” by many.

For some there was just too much writing/discussion to do, and the December sitting felt nothing like the September or specimen paper. One PQ said they could havewalked to their exam desk without a calculator.

What annoyed many is they weren’t allowed to show off what they had learnt.

One sitter just said: “It was a total disaster, I didn’t expect that it would be so difficult :-/”

Another sitter felt the examiner must have been in a bad mood when they wrote the paper! On a serious note students really wondered if the examiner actually looked at the approved study material when putting the exam together.

Many didn’t see the Q4 tax question coming either. “Cheeky” is how one sitter described it.

The Q1 on cashflows wasn’t a favorite either with some.

For many it was the hardest exam they have ever sat…and the worry is the pass rate might fall dramatically – it was 49% in September. As one candidate said: “P2 was in the 50s normally but IU can’t see this one getting above 35%.”

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