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AAT Achievement Ceremonies

06 September 2017

AAT PQs want to know why there is now just one Achievement Ceremony in the UK, which is held in London.

Invites recently went out to PQs who have become affiliates (passed all their exams) and to those who have become full members.

However, many AATs said they were struggling to justify the huge expense of attending an event in the capital. Two adult train tickets to attend the London event was costing one AAT £241.

PQ understands that the AAT used to run events in Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester, but these no longer take place. The lure of an AAT pen was just not enough for many AATs who asked; “Why is there not a northern event?”

The AAT confirmed that it only has a London ceremony now, although it also has one in Botswana too.

The AATs PQ spoke to said that more localised ceremonies at local groups would be better. They would also help networking opportunities.

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