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2 better than 1

17 July 2018

Just over 67% of ICAEW students who sat one professional level paper in June passed that paper, according to the latest results. That means over 750 PQs are now having a pretty bad summer and thinking of resits!

The pass rate of candidates sitting two papers and passing both was much higher in June, with just over 75% passing them both.

Looking at individual papers the Business Strategy and Technology paper saw the highest pass rate at 91.2%. This was closely followed by Tax Compliance at 83.9%, and Audit & Assurance with a 83.8% pass rate.

Although just 52 students sat the Business Planning: Insurance paper it has the dubious honour of having the lowest pass rate this time around at 71.2%.

Some 5,779 students sat the June session with 10,375 papers ‘attempted’. That’s 1.8 papers per PQ.

ICAEW Professional results: Audit & Assurance 83.9%; Financial Accounting & Reporting (UK GAAP) 70.9%; Financial Accounting & Reporting (IFRS) 71.6%; Tax Compliance 83.9%; BP: banking 73.1%; BP: Insurance 71.2%; BP: Taxation 75.8%; Business Strategy & technology 91.2%; Financial Management 82.6%

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