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Use social networks for social mobility

06 March 2018

Breaking down closed professional networks with alternative networks such as Slack and Coworker is a key to improving the social mobility in the accountancy profession.
This is one of many recommendations to come out of the new report Purpose and the profession, from ACCA.

The report says the accountancy profession needs to take a more pro-active approach to improving social mobility, and this in turn will help transform the talent pool for accountants.
Another driver of change would be the introduction of more flexible learning routes into the profession. And, if we are to move forward on this agenda the ACCA report says the bias in the recruitment process also has to be addressed.

One way of doing this is by collecting data on social diversity and using then results to drive forward change.

Too many young people are also still unaware of the benefits of an accountancy career.
ACCA director of professional insights, Maggie McGhee, said: “The perception that ‘this is not for me’ is a dangerous stigma to be attached to a profession. Many still see the profession as middle aged, white and male. While this is no longer true, it is likely that only those with prior knowledge or social capital will appreciate the diversity of the profession and flexibility of access.”

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